Názor ke článku Vyplatí se DVB-T, pozemní digitální vysílání, pro menší, tematické televize?

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Re: Vyplatí se DVB-T, pozemní digitální vysílání, pro menší, tematické televize?

First, only the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have this capability. Earlier models do not. You must ensure that your iPhone is one of these models if you want to take advantage of the Hotspot feature.
It will only support a maximum of 5 devices by design. I don know why this is, but it is often the case for me. headphones by dr dre Perhaps it times out and has to be woken up in this way?Mine has a bad tendency to drop connection to the 3G service, and sometimes the Hotspot has to be turned off and then back on to work properly. When it reverts to the Edge network, the Hotspot automatically shuts off (but will come back on when 3G signal is reestablished).
Next, you must make sure your carrier supports it, and what the charges will be if you utilize the feature. For instance, Verizon and AT in the US both charge a $20 fee for the use of the feature, in addition to any data used. On the other hand, my carrier here in Saudi Arabia, mobily, does not charge anything at all for use of the feature (and still offers unlimited data plans). Your mileage may vary.
To turn it on, as Glyn has said, open your "Settings" app. It should be listed on that page as the fourth option, if it is not disabled by your carrier. It will be listed as "Personal Hotspot". Alternatively, it is also listed under "Settings 鉃?General 鉃?Network 鉃?Personal Hotspot" (you will have to scroll down to see it on monster dr dre the "Network" page; it will be underneath "Data Roaming"). The directions for connecting via either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi monster dr dre are given on the "Personal Hotspot" page.
锘縃ow do I use my iPhone as a wireless router
Personal observations (may vary):
For the record, not to start an argument, but I would not recommend jailbreaking your iPhone if you can help it. While it does provide some additionally functionality (some of which is really useful), it also compromises the security and stability of the system. So do so at your own risk.

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